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高1Test Practice – October 2017

Listening Test 過去問

Here are some conversations from previous years’ tests.
This year’s questions will be very similar, so please try it out.

Discussion 1

Discussion 2

Good luck!

Speaking Test Advice

1.  Prepare
Don’t write a speech and memorize it, but do think about what you’re going to say and practice many times by yourself so you get faster.

2.  ‘How shall I put it…?’
If you need time to think, try saying something like this. You might even get a bonus point!

3.  Tell a story
Telling a story or explaining one idea well will make your speech more interesting. Saying lots of different, unconnected things won’t. Try to get get more points for good content.

4. Get tired!
You should feel a bit tired after you practice. This is good. It means you’re training and getting stronger.


Bonus Video 

Here’s a video of David Beckham saying “you know” a LOT.

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