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高3 Giving Directions

Hello everyone.

In class we went through some expressions and then practiced using this map.

Listen to my directions. What building am I directing you to? The answers are below.

  1. Start at City High School. Head left out of City High School. and make the first left onto Oak Street. Keep going on down until you see city park on your left. Take the next right onto 4th avenue and you’ll see it on your right.   (Fire Station)
  2. Start at the bus station. Head right out of the bus station down Main Street. Go down main street for three blocks and your gonna see the police station  and county hospital ahead of you. Turn left here and you’ll see it on your right just after the police station.  (Post Office)
  3. Start at City Hall. Turn left out of City Hall and walk down 4th avenue all the way until you hit river street. Take a slight left and then turn right over Cat Bridge. Turn right again, and then you should see it on the corner of Elm Street and 4th Avenue. (Elementary School)
  4. Start at the community center. Your gonna turn right and go down Elm street. Stay right and keep going down Grove Street. Eventually you are gonna get to Bird bridge.  Cross over that and turn right.  Make a left after that and keep going. Walk for about a block and you should be able to see it right in front of you. (Smith Lake)
  5. Start at City Middle School. Turn left onto oak street, and pass City Park on your left. Then it’s the next big building on your right. (State College)


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