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Here are the feelings sentences.

Here are some more feelings passages – similar to our dictations.  Try to guess how they are feeling and why.  Check your answers by reading the scripts below!



A: I just came over to say goodbye
B: So… when are you leaving?
A: Umm, Tomorrow morning.
B: We’re going to miss you.
A: I’m going to miss you, too.
B: Well, best of luck.
A: Thanks. I’ll keep in touch.

(He is feeling sad and lonely because the girl he loves is leaving.)


A: All right!
B: You sound happy.
A: They just called. I got the job I wanted.
B: Great. Did they say when you’d start?
A: Next month.
B: Well, let’s celebrate!

(She is feeling happy and excited because she got a promotion.)


A: Ugh!
B: Wow! What’s the matter?
A: It’s my boss. She keeps giving me more and more work to do.
B: Too much work for you to handle, huh?
A: Yes, I can never get caught up.
B: Have you tried talking to her about it?
A: Of course I’ve tried, but she just won’t listen.
B: Oh, gee, I wish I knew how to help.

(She is feeling stressed and frustrated because her boss is giving her too much work.)


A: Well, goodbye and thanks for everything. I really had a good time.
B: I’m glad you enjoyed yourself.
C: We really enjoyed having you with us. I’m so sorry you have to go.
B: Mm-hm. The time went by fast, didn’t it?
A: Yes, it did. I don’t really feel like going back to school.
C: Oh, I can imagine. But, I’m sure it will be nice to see your family again.
A: Yeah. I hope you can meet them when you come over next year.
B: Yeah. We are really looking forward to it.
A: It was a great homestay. Thank you!

(She is feeling a little sad, but also looking forward to going home to see her parents)


A: Hey! You look relaxed. Why aren’t you studying?
B: I finished my last test this morning. What a relief!
A: I still have two more to go.
B: Hang in there!

(He is feeling stressed because he hasn’t finished his tests.)

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