中3 Test Practice – October 2017

1.  Survival English Please study these handouts for Survival English: Airport Check-in Security In-Flight Lunch Arrival Card Passport Control 2.  Syllables Listening to the words.

高1Test Practice – October 2017

Listening Test 過去問 Here are some conversations from previous years’ tests. This year’s questions will be very similar, so please try it out. Discussion 1

Senior High Third Grade Listening Course 2017 First Message

Hello 93rd Graders! Well done: you are now third grade students and so you have to practice listening harder than ever before! Please listen and understand my message. Tom Here is a video of the history of English.

Big Numbers Practice

Practice how to WRITE numbers in English: Quiz 1 Pricatice LISTENING to numbers in English: Quiz 2

Maria Carey – Hero

Interview Test

A not so good example: A good example:

中2 Interview Test Practice

Interview time –  2:00 Don’t make these mistakes: This is a good interview:

Video Summary 4

Watch the video about Nick Vujicic and try to summarize the video in less than 100 words. (Write about who Nick is, as well about Nick’s message.

Video Summary 3

Watch the speech and try to summarize it in less than 100 words.

Giving Directions

Listen to the directions and try to follow on the map. Directions 1: Directions 2: