Get Out of Your Head!

Thanks to all the ALTs who sat through our presentation. Hope there was something there for you. Feel free to dig around the prezi and look in to the resources. Drop us a note in the comments if you’ve got any questions. Cheers, Andrew .


Google Earth?

Careful when you say “earth”.

When Harry Met Lucy

An original story by Andrew and Tom. Listen to this story again and again and you can learn grammar without thinking about grammar.

Quick Response Practice

  Practice your quick response here.

How to get bilingual*

1. Get ready Get your equipment: an mp3 player, headphones, a Tsutaya card and LOTS of English to listen to and watch (music, movies, YouTube videos, books, manga…) 2. Try the 7 day challenge Listen to or watch 14 hours of English.

Anki flashcards

Andrew’s NUMBER ONE recommendation for English study: Anki is a flashcard program that helps you remember things. Studying with Anki is like riding a bike instead of walking – you get much further without trying harder. 1.

4 Rules of immersion

Reading, watching, listening… always follow these rules.   1.      Find something you LIKE. 2.      If you don’t understand, GUESS. 3.