高3 Differences of Opinion

Here is the audio for the differences of opinion lesson.  George and Dave are talking about the pros and cons of immigration. What are their arguments? How do they agree and disagree with each other? Listen and fill in the blanks.

高3 Giving Directions

Hello everyone. In class we went through some expressions and then practiced using this map. Listen to my directions. What building am I directing you to? The answers are below.


Here are the feelings sentences. Here are some more feelings passages – similar to our dictations.  Try to guess how they are feeling and why.

Chu 3 Recitation: Fly Away Home

Please practice your recitations with these tracks  Page 115 Repeat page 115 Page 116 Repeat page 116

高3 Computers and Technology

Here are some technology sentences to practice for your test on… Saturday. Good luck! – For the email address and password questions you only need to write down the email or password. http://tosaenglish.

高3Cafe Dialog

  Hello Everyone, There will be a restaurant and cafe question on your tests in July.  Here are the dialogs from class. Please use them for your practice!

高3 Money Practice

Hello, everyone. Let’s talk about money! Each sentence is a dictation problem, but there is also a money question for each sentence. Some words in the dictations were not covered in class. Check them carefully! 1.

高3 Time Practice

Hi! Do you have the time please? Sure, it’s a quarter to two! It’s time to practice for your test! Listen to these times and write them down.

高3 Describing People

Hello again! In class we practiced describing people. Now look at the picture at the top of this post and listen to the person I am describing. can you guess who it is?  The answers are below.

高3 Meeting and Greeting

Here are some more greetings to add to the ones we did in class. Listen once, then try shadowing.