中1 Speech Contest: Who is Joey’s Favorite Girl?

Listen and practice! The whole story… Read and repeat page 120トラック-77.

中2 Speech Contest: Universal Design

Here is the audio for your speech. Listen to it and practice!トラック-01.wav Please listen here for pronunciation help and repeating practice… http://tosaenglish.

中3 Speech

This is a recording of the speech for the contest in September. Have a listen!中3.

中2 Quick Response

Practice for the test! Slow Fast

He Threw Three Free Throws…

Here is the difficult tongue twister for you to practice your TH sounds! He threw three free-throws through the hoop! SLOW FAST http://tosaenglish.

中 3 Recitation Contest

Here is the audio for you to use during the summer vacation.  Listen to it as much as you can!

高2 Quick Responses: The first 18

Here are all of the quick responses from the first sheet. How many can you get before you hear the answer? They are not in the same order as the sheet!

Beta Reading 2

Listen and read along to the latest beta reading passage!

Listening Practice Unit 1

Hello second graders! Well done for finding the right page.  Here is your shadowing practice audio for unit one. Remember to write a check in your book every time you listen and shadow! http://tosaenglish.