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How to get bilingual*

1. Get ready

Get your equipment: an mp3 player, headphones, a Tsutaya card and LOTS of English to listen to and watch (music, movies, YouTube videos, books, manga…)

2. Try the 7 day challenge

Listen to or watch 14 hours of English. It’s easier than it sounds.

3. Try reading an English book

Start gently with a picture book or an easy reader. Try 10 to 20 minutes a day.

4. Become a sentence hunter

Try using Anki to help you remember all the things you’re hearing and reading.

5. Try the 30 Day challenge

Keep listening, watching, hunting and reading. If you can keep going for 30 days, it gets easy.

6. Make it real

Sit down and talk to a real person. Try LanguageExchange or RealJob a couple of times a week.

7. Ready for the one year challenge?

Listen, watch, read, talk and sentence hunt for a year, and you’ll be bilingual!

*bi·lin·gual   /bīˈliNGgwəl/
         1. Speaking two languages fluently.
         2. A person fluent in two languages.
        3. You after Step 7.

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