Likes and Dislikes


Up in the sky, look!
It’s a bird!
It’s a plane
It’s some sort of super hero!

I like CD’s and I also like finding bands that none of my friends have heard of yet.
I don’t like putting gel on my hair. I’m not ++++, I suppose.
And I don’t like the way it gets on your hands afterwards.
I like shorts.
I don’t like being dizzy.
I like tea. And I like acting. But I don’t like coffee.
I like taking really random photos.
And I like framing photos of my friends.
I don’t like revision. And I don’t like reading.
And maybe that’s one of the reasons that I don’t like revision.
I like having my keys with me when I’m out, because I hate breaking into my own house.
I don’t like dog food. I tried it once and, uhm, it’s horrible. It wasn’t like biscuits, it was like jelly stuff, and it was like processed tripe, basically.
I don’t like scary looking dolls!
I like doodling. This is a plan for a video I was gonna do. Just basically about what I get written by Saturday, when nobody was around. But then, I had so much fun doodling that I really can’t be bothered to do a video.
I don’t like sports.
I don’t like football, I don’t like rugby, I don’t really like hockey, don’t like tennis, don’t like golf. I don’t mind running, I’m alright at running. Not sprinting, but just like long distances. I’m alright at that.
I like Pokemon!
I don’t like Apple, because as soon as you buy the latest i-pod, they go and bring up a new one. Bastards!
And I also don’t like them because last time I was on the Apple website trying to buy an i-pod, and I was on a Windows PC, the PC crashed.
I don’t like having an empty wallet.
I don’t like spending money. But I’ll do it anyway.
I don’t like the fact that I’m impulsed by quite a lot.
I like Christmas!
I like you for watching this video.
I don’t like not being able to come up with a sign off.