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高3 Money Practice

Hello, everyone.

Let’s talk about money!

Each sentence is a dictation problem, but there is also a money question for each sentence. Some words in the dictations were not covered in class. Check them carefully!

1. Try to answer the question

2. Shadow along and make sure you can say and write down the sentences.

The final test will have BOTH kinds: some dictations and some questions.

Here are the questions.  The sentences can be found below. (THE ANSWERS ARE IN BRACKETS)

1. How much does his shopping cost?

2. How much does his bike cost?

3. About how much does he spend on electricity, gas and water for his house?

4. How much did his car cost?

5. How much does the bag cost?

6. I found a computer that usually costs 2,000 dollars. How much will it cost today?

7. How will the man pay for his shopping?

8. What is the problem?

9. How much is the man owed?

10. How much will the man’s date pay for the meal?

Here’s the audio…


Sentences (and answers)

  1. Is this all your shopping sir? That’ll be 27 dollars 99, please.  ($27.99)
  2. I have 250 dollars but I need another 390 dollars to buy my new bike. ($640)
  3. My monthly utilities bill is about 15,000 yen. (15,000 yen)
  4. My new car cost 28,730 dollars ($28,730)
  5. The bag usually costs 6,800 yen, but I got it half price. (3,400 yen)
  6. You can get 20% off all computers today. ($1,600)
  7. Can I pay by credit card? (credit card)
  8. I’m sorry, but we are completely out of change. (The store has no change)
  9. Hey! You owe me 50 dollars! ($50)
  10. The bill comes to 95 dollars, but it’s my treat. (nothing)





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