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Maisy Mouse

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The Fox

This is a funny song with more than 200,000,000 YouTube hits! The band is from Norway, but their English is perfect.

Th Tongue Twisters

Tongue twisters practice the “th” sound, made by a great English teacher, Fluency MC. Sound only: 1. They threw three free-throws through the hoop. 2.

The House That Jack Built

A Grand Day Out

時間: 23:42 語数:  718

VoScreen 16-20

時間: 4:37 語数: 340  

VoScreen 11-15

時間: 4:37 語数: 308

VoScreen 6-10

時間: 4:06 語数: 262

VoScreen 1-5

時間: 4:49 語数: 292  

How to Introduce People

Scenes from many TV shows of people introducing people.