Category: a - Very Easy

How do you spell your name?

語数: 98 Listen to people spelling their names.

Muzzy Comes Back

語数: 5,526 This is the second series of Muzzy in Gondoland.

Gogo Loves English

非常にやさしいレベルからスタートするアニメです。 エピソードは30ほどあります。 他のエピソードを見るのに、 を押してください。

New Headway – Series 1

A story about 4 people living together. There are 6 episodes. 1. Three Plus One 語数: 245 2. Home Movie 語数: 383 3. Do It Yourself 語数: 336 4. Surprise, Surprise! 語数: 403 5. A Night to Remember 語数: 383 6.

Where are You From?

Song by Indie rock band, The Baby Grands.

David After the Dentist

時間:1:59 語数:139 David has some strong medicine at the dentist.

Dora – Benny’s Car

時間:1:48 語数:171

Jessica’s Affirmations

時間:0:49 語数:115

Row, Row, Row Your Boat

A famous English song.

Peppa Pig – ABC

ご数: 294 Practice ABCs with Peppa Pig: “A”. “A” is for: Apple. “B”. “B” is for: Butterfly. “C”. “C” is for: Car. “D”. “D” is for: Dinosaur. Greensaur. George loves Mr. Dinosaur. “E”. “E” is for: Egg. “F”. “F” is for: Frog.