Category: b - Easy

Jack Stark – Episode 2

時間:  8:12 x 5 A private detective program made for learners of English.

Best Gift Ever

時間:   1:00 語数: 116 A funny commercial for Chevy cars. The boy thinks the neighbor’s new car is his graduation present.

Jack Stark – Episode 1

時間:  8:20 x 4 A private detective program made for learners of English.

Every Day Routines

時間:4:22 語数: 485

New Headway – Series 2

A story about 4 people living together. There are 6 episodes: 1. A new neighbour 語数:  404 2. To the rescue 語数:  412 3. An old friend 語数:  432 4. Dinner for two 語数:  411 5. Change of a dress 語数:  443 6.

Denver the Guilty Dog

Very famous video about a naughty dog called Denver.

The Elephant Song

Children’s music artist, Eric Herman, sings an incredibly cute song all about elephants… sort of… The video was created by his wife, Roseann, with the help of their 3 year-old daughter, Becca.

We’re Going to Be Friends

Lyrics: Fall is here, hear the yell back to school, ring the bell brand new shoes, walking blues climb the fence, books and pens I can tell that we’re going to be friends Walk with me, Suzy Lee through the park and by the tree we will res

Flatmates – series

This is a series by the BBC. There are now 136 episodes.

Unknown (2011) – trailer

時間:2:32 語数:278