Category: b - Easy

Why – National Geographic

時間:0:50 語数:85

Love Sick

時間:4:31 語数:272 A funny, award-winning short film.

We are all connected

時間:0:40 語数:95

What are you “thinking” about?

時間:0:50 語数: 35 Germans also have problems saying “th” sounds. This is a funny commercial about a German coast guard (沿岸警備隊員).

What a Wonderful World

時間:2:03 語数:116 Sir David Attenborough reading Louis Armstrong’s song, What a Wonderful World.

Don’t Worry, Be Happy

Great song to cheers you up by Bobby McFerrin. No instruments.

If – National Geographic

時間:1:02 語数:88 A beautiful National Geographic commercial.

That is why I succeed

時間:0:33 語数:47 A Nike commercial with Michael Jordon.

Sponge Bob – We are men!

時間:2:42 語数:195

Do you speak English?

時間:1:28 語数:181