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Men in Black 3 – trailer

時間:1:56 語数:172

Someone Like You

Karaoke version:

The Most Interesting Man

時間:0:32 語数:59 Andrew’s favorite commercials.

This is Sparta!

時間:1:23 語数:135 Scene from the movie, 300.

40 Inspirational Speeches

時間:2:15 語数:294 Doubt Yourself? Need some inspiration? Watch this!

The Story of Stuff

時間:21:24 語数:3,822 A famous video about environmental and social problems.

Kindness Boomerang

A nice video about spreading kindness in the world. The music is a reggae song by Matisyahu.

The Annoying Orange

時間:1:33 語数:93 Very Popular Video.