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Social Media Addict (Funny)

語数: 264 時間: 2:44

“I Have a Dream” speech

時間:17:27 語数:1,711

Justice – Harvard Lectures

This is a 12 part playlist.

Charlie Chaplin – The Dictator

時間:4:54 語数:644 Charlie Chaplin’s first sound film – a parody of Nazi Germany – and he makes one of the greatest speeches in movie history.

Lady Gaga Interview

時間:1:11:33 語数:9,493

Steve Jobs – Stanford speech

時間:15:05 語数:2,298 A famous speech by Steve Jobs at a graduation ceremony at Stanford University.

The pale blue dot – Carl Sagan

時間:3:30 語数:386

The Real Death Note

時間:6:37 語数:569 Satire of Death Note by comedy team, Smosh.