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高3 Time Practice

Hi! Do you have the time please?

Sure, it’s a quarter to two! It’s time to practice for your test!

Listen to these times and write them down.


9:50 (ten to ten)

4:20 (twenty past four)

5:45 (Quarter to six)

11:15 (eleven fifteen)

12:25 (twelve twenty-five)

9:30 (half nine)

2:35 (two thirty-five)

6:40 (twenty to seven)

2:55 ( five to three)

4:45 (Quarter to five)


I will also give you a couple of dictation questions.  Please listen to these sentences and write them down word for word.



I was supposed to meet Tom at six thirty, but he was an hour late.

School starts at 8:30, but I always arrive fifteen minutes early.

The 17:42 flight to Singapore will now depart at 18:34.


Finally, listen to my story about last Sunday and write down the times.

1. What time did I get up?

2. What time did I arrive at my old house?

3. What time did I eat lunch?

4. What time did I get to my new house?

5. What time did I go to bed?



1. 6:15am

2. 6:45am

3. 11:45am

4. 4:45pm

5. 11:55pm


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