高3 Money Practice

Hello, everyone. Let’s talk about money! Each sentence is a dictation problem, but there is also a money question for each sentence. Some words in the dictations were not covered in class. Check them carefully! 1.

高3 Time Practice

Hi! Do you have the time please? Sure, it’s a quarter to two! It’s time to practice for your test! Listen to these times and write them down.

高3 Describing People

Hello again! In class we practiced describing people. Now look at the picture at the top of this post and listen to the person I am describing. can you guess who it is?  The answers are below.

高3 Meeting and Greeting

Here are some more greetings to add to the ones we did in class. Listen once, then try shadowing.

高3 実力テスト Listening and Roller Coasters!

Hello everyone, I will put the mp3 of the listening test on this page. If you want to listen again, please use it! Try to listen to the longer passage about education again and follow along with the script.

中2 The Red Demon and The Blue Demon

Listen to this…ページ repeat.m4aページ 英文.m4a http://tosaenglish.

中3 Energy and the Environment

Listen to these tracks… ONE TWO THREE http://tosaenglish.

President Obama’s Speech in Hiroshima – Full Version

In the morning listening tests, we listened to some sections of Obama’s speech.  This is a video and transcript of the whole speech.

中2 Speaking Test Practice October 2015

Listen to the Audio and Practice for your test! Remeber to keep with the rhythm!

中2 Test Practice: Quick Response

Look at your sheets from class. Use this audio to practice for your tests. GOOD LUCK! (THANKS!)